A group of credible, reliable ,ethical professionals who provide valuable services for the community and share a passion for working with seniors. 

We believe that referring professionals to our clients and friends is serious business. 

Our service providers are sincere and have valuable services to offer our clients and are dedicated to being a ”Source” of “Solutions” for local seniors.

Source of Solutions for Seniors



Areas of Available Services

Health Jan-Feb 2009  
  • Professional Geriatric Care Managers
  • Geriatricians
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Medical Equipment Suppliers
  • Prescription Consultants
  • In-Home Services

 Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Social From the Editor:  
  • Housing Needs

  • Transportation

  • Support Groups

  • Pastoral Care

  • Senior Centers

  • Adult Day Care

Welcome to the premier issue of “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise” a monthly newsletter dedicated to keeping area seniors informed and entertained... more  
Financial 10 Steps to a Great Financial Life  
  • Reverse Mortgage Professional

  • Financial Planner

  • CPA’s, Accountants

  • Enrolled Agents

  • Attorney

  • Insurance Advisor

  • Real Estate Agent

Taking control of your finances and getting a clear understanding of where you are financially is a great way to start a “New Beginning” and will significantly improve your money habits and increase your financial well-being...more  

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Caregiver Corner



With all the added responsibilities of caregiving, comes the strain on our finances, the added time constraints, the pressures of dividing our time between home, family, work and our aging or ailing spouse or parent...more

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  Rules for Being Human  
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  Jokes & Sayings  

For yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision; but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well therefore, to this day.  -Quote from Sanskrit... more

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